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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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government forces say they've crossed the resistance and colonel gadhafi is former stronghold after weeks of government shelling left dozens dead and many more displaced. syrian rebels claim they've taken the country second city of aleppo a major offensive came as damascus agreed to a cease fire would be muslim holiday. plus the u.s. set to be hit by a new wave of potentially painful revelations. being holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london two thousand dollars which leaks founder julian from working now wiki leaks is releasing more than one hundred files relating to the treatment of
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prisoners in the u.s. military detention complex details coming up in just a moment. international news and comment live from the new center here in moscow this is. libya's government forces claim they have taken control of the opposition stronghold bunnie one eat but say pockets of resistance still remain that's after a week's long deadly assault with reports of dozens of residents in the besieged city being killed by government shelling. has the details. we continue to receive these conflicting reports from our sources on the ground we're hearing about the army is actually withdrawing from the city or though we are hearing of wide scale killings from the government sources they say that the system has fallen we continue to receive verified video footage as well as reports of wide
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scale killings of indiscriminate shelling and also the use of poisonous gas some of the photos and video we've been receiving show dismembered bodies children who've been killed and some of that footage is coming from bani walid television that has been broadcasting these visuals almost nonstop there is still a question mark over whether or not chemical weaponry has been used doctors at the scene do report that many of the patients they were treating are suffering from toxic gas inhalation and certainly here in the same kind of thing from eyewitnesses but again we are receiving unconfirmed reports that many of the shells are being fired with gas inside them as of yet we cannot independently verify those so far it has been going on now for the better part of three weeks and in that time all communication in and out of the city has been hampered it took us several days to make contact with people inside the besieged city they told us that these army forces were manning all the entrances and exits to and from bani walid this despite
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the fact that thousands of people have fled to neighboring sites and refugee camps we have managed to make contact with a man in the us he's asked us to hide his identity because he was afraid for his family who are still inside. he tells us that the army is pushing back you also say it's quite alarmingly that he hasn't heard from his family for several days and he's incredibly fearful as to their fate the militias after. the fighting. there in a way from the from the from the city there. is good people control over. the militias. there was taken. really old man in his good money he. doesn't have an ego about it. just a council member people. really big on the first. i think about
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seventy buddy from the militias. to be. six hundred from the militias on the wilds of. the street of the middle of the city i'm barely touched me ever since the violence started some three weeks ago residents of bani walid has been appealing to the international community for assistance to moscow took up the score by drafting a statement that a put forward to the united nations security council earlier this week but that was blocked by the united states prompting a response from moscow saying that a found as odd and strange in a context understand why such a statement had not been approved it's also course maybe an international community to accuse both washington and others of double standards you need to remember it wasn't so long ago that russia and china were blamed for voting against resolutions in libya and now the question is being asked why when moscow puts forward for
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calling for assistance in body while it is this being stopped by washington. or he's managed to make contact with an eyewitness in the city she says militias are carrying out mass killings of civilians continue to call on the international community to help. these are not governmental forces there militias an armed gangsters surrounding anyone without any legitimacy the media is prohibited from reporting on what's happening in the city the situation is horrible crimes are committed communications were deliberately cut in order for these gangsters to prevent any person from communicating what's really happening there bulldozing houses they're setting houses on fire stealing everything they find moreover they committed massacres killing as many people as they counted people here in bani walid want to return to their homes they say that their cities totally destroyed nevertheless they want to go back and live in the wreckage they refused to be driven out of the city secondly they request all humanitarian organizations including the u.n.
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to come to bani walid and see the destruction for themselves and see the devastation and need immediate aid we need humanitarian assistance urgently. the syrian army has agreed to hold military operations from friday morning until monday the four day truce is part of a proposed between government forces and the rebels for the muslim holiday of the however the always reserving the right to respond after some militant groups stated they'd continue fighting in this part of the government announcement syrian rebels are claiming they've made crucial advances in aleppo controlling majority of the city. let's get reaction now from political analysts. he joins me live now from beirut president assad's forces have agreed to the truce jury in this was the first of all but will it actually be all of but all parties. i was actually having them. doing to bury a monitor mission to ceasefire also going to work and i think it is very difficult
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not to end game at it for many reasons i think both sides still have the desire to resort to the language of ours because they want to make a decisive change on the ground to a negotiated. future compromise or else the program has neither the army know position or. will supremacy on the other side or thought you were a decisive victory at least on the ground that is why the hostilities and the operations would continue the second one is the absence of. effective mechanism to possible the two most if any if so why was the filters only for four days only for four days the other point is that this so-called free syrian army is not the united body we all know that it is in fact mental skills units as many of them have no sense of going to receive orders some of being on the. other side of the fence and i just saw the on going on turkey and also we have qaida. objectives in the.
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shower they all had to declare every few of us with a cease fire and say down not interested and it was you know it was a stark reality that this ceasefire will fail what's the point of announcing it when you make it pretty clear is going to fail and probably everybody there in syria knows that too. for example well currently being i could hear indicated. there are three or any troops invaded. invaded and occupied by the army. and the statement of the syrian army today they say that you could be a v.c. or anybody else or pearson. to discuss our view that means that the army of the syrian army not also about a bind. because. they're not also about.
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let's talk about aleppo then it's syria's second major city reports that it has actually fallen to the rebels. just how big a deciding moment could this be for the civil conflict now in syria after all we see the similar situation and aleppo before only. yes i think it's safe to say that the idaho file has been a fallout on the and the free syrian army because i'm from. you know i'm a big joke about the bane. comprises of only want two percent of the books they had the free syrian army. which is the north and south i think well on the border has been inside the city this is not seen or this is a quote sure and you have because something companies who are beginning their support and army. are heroes standing mercenaries to see that this is no more war because to me work is only through syria as you see. it bigger it bigger could be
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to conflict with regional powers struggling between even themselves i just want one for so one thing here that even the so-called friends of syria who who consider themselves our senate eyes are busy in peace but there is and how did the second between them. and i suspect who want to get the biggest part of the order to bring us out but this particular not coming to the surface doing to all the compass it has only been doing the second transitional period that the interior jean got this from of the court so this is very weak that this is bigger than the civil war it is a regional if you general proxy were going on i mean i mean if a little falls which is the biggest industrial city they will hit the wrong house syria and they will need. syria will you raise many issues thank you very much indeed for your thoughts political analyst kamal come also and joining me live in beirut. wiki leaks could be giving the us more red faces the
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whistleblower status releasing classified files on the treatment of prisoners in america's overseas prisons despite unisom still being locked up in ecuador london embassy that story in full coming your way after a short break. nineteen iranian channels have been banned in the countries that's called iran for not tolerating free speech among other things well played lads well played i love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning personally a bit of censorship doesn't bother me that much because there has always been censorship and there were always be censorship if there are any words or symbols or opinions that could get you bumped off the air or legal trouble in your country
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then guess what you have censorship sorry to say it but that's how it is i don't mind a country saying that there is something so antithetical to their way of life that it must be banned i'm fine with that that's your business in your country and you should be able to protect your culture and your values but the light in me and tell me that you live censorship free when you don't it's your choice you let the iranian channels back on the air or come out of the closet and admit you believe in restricted speech but that's just my opinion. download the official application so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. t.v. is not required to watch on t.v. all you need is your mobile device to watch on t.v. any time any.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture. nuclear. side. radioactive
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fallout of government betrayal of the government. and law how can the truth be revealed if there's no official evidence there was indeed a very great danger to the servicemen concert who were given no proper protection and to the people of this country generally because of the radioactive fallout. the secrets of the u.k.'s nuclear tests. come back this is the news continues now a fresh wave of embarrassment could be about to hit the u.s. as we lease begins releasing over one hundred classified files this thursday this time there detailing america's detention procedures including those in infamous prison such as guantanamo bay and. reports. being holed up in the ecuadorian
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embassy in london doesn't seem to have stopped julian ourselves from working he's been there for more than four months now in fact quite the opposite in fact whenever i speak to him or to any of his supporters i say what's he doing in there they all say always working all the time and this is the result of his work starting today thursday and over the next month likely it's going to release over one hundred classified all restricted files all the rules and procedures that have governed the treatment of detainees in u.s. custody over the last ten years these include operating manuals and of course interrogation procedures for camps in iraq and cuba abu ghraib and of course kuantan i'm obey among the first documents to be released is the foundation documents program tons of it which was written in two thousand and two and put into force then and we can say that this document is the one that went on to shape the treatment of prisoners in u.s. military camps through the years only to be great but of the military detention
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facilities and the documents talk of all aspects of camp life access to legal visits medical treatment access to that as well what possessions the prisoners are allowed to have and also of course they all talk about how prisoners. are interrogated violence is prohibited in the documents that have been released in writing bartz the they encourage this kind of exploitation of the fears of prisoners love of their homeland love of comrades love of family and and of course intimidation also says that it's all through a meeting with britain to discuss his failing health the ecuadorian embassy say that he is losing weight and that he's also suffering problems with his vision he can't go outside so he gets no fresh air and limited daylight particularly now that the winter is coming or you can see it's quite dark outside so those things you know will be taking
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a toll on his health the ecuador. embassy's had previously asked listen assurances that if he is to be hospitalized for example he wouldn't be arrested but the deputy foreign minister of backtalk told r.t. that the u.k. is unwilling to discuss not only safe passage to ecuador which would essentially honor the terms of the asylum that ecuador has offered him but also even the principle of what they do in a situation in which it was however the british foreign office says that it hasn't had any notification that julia is suffering and is sick and that if it does they will consider that so we have to see how this situation progresses sudan's threaten return a nation over an alleged deadly israeli air strike on a cartoon to the refused to comment on reports that for its frontage it's carried out an air raid on a plan to providing rockets to go answer foreign policy expert a little earlier he says potentially. major crime has been committed. you know the sudanese allegations are true this is
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a flagrant and violation of international law is wrong sudan are not a more. bomb factory in sudan any time they want everybody has the right to defend themselves within the confines of international law israel and other countries including the united states doesn't have the right to go around bombing other people's countries saying that it's in self defense we don't even know what was going on in this factory conventional weapons was something else as the new say was conventional weapons was. intended for hamas in gaza no it's really the voices are suggesting or did it have nothing to do with gaza at all we don't want to live in a world where one country can unilaterally make these claims doesn't have to provide any evidence and then can carry out military action on that basis israel has really says that they should be pursuing diplomatic channels not unilateral
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military and independent scotland could leave the u.k. exposed and vulnerable britain could lose a major part of its nuclear deterrent if a menace is to go it alone and break away from the u.k. find out the latest on london's atomic dilemma on our website. also online canadian customers may soon see cigarette like warning labels on everything food products such as pizza will fizzy drinks the way doctors in ontario want to point the national of the city epidemic. a new t.v. station has gone on air in london aiming to give a platform to the voices of those in opposition to the current leadership of iran this comes just over a week after nineteen state run and rain in t.v. and radio stations including the english language press t.v. were banned in the e.u. . has more. today in london we witnessed the launch of a brand new and very different in reigning news channel this studio belongs to t.v.
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now from fasi rocket translates to freedom and that could give an indication of the political agenda behind the need t.v. station in fact its founder is so very mentally opposed to the current government that he says that he wants to help the rainey and people to have to take the current regime denies having any financial backing or any seal of approval from international organizations or western governments believe. the british government will back. to your regime hard it can be a t.v. for the change of dictatorship. they want to put this regime by on the news in fact the very emergence of a new oppositional iranian television channel in britain teamed with involuntary departure of press t.v. from the u.k. that said some to question whether the brits pull their love of trumpeting free
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speech and balance by doing so very selectively obviously britain press t.v. very early on the first country in the world and iranian television news channel there are only too glad to welcome a propaganda channel as it were the one percent does no one in iran even those opposed to it but it even those opposed presumably do the right islamic theocracy. would support this outfit. found inspired by. arab spring and television channels like al-jazeera and al-arabiya in fact they say that unlike in libya and afghanistan they want to promote political change from within and looks like perhaps because of their oppositional political agenda nobody here is stopping the. london. times joined from the business now they kadyrov the mix performance of the market yet completely i'm
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looking at the us ones focusing on those for now bill because they are indeed up and down quite seriously every ten minutes red green it's all over the place at the moment we'll jojo performance. of telephone and material company is really leading the declines out the last pointing out the early rally that was triggered by earnings and make a report that signaled japan will similarly says been a real topsy turvy day right. right this minute we are looking of extreme really modest gains but check out europe then see what happened there because they aren't close and they really look their last one in the us despite the u.k. economy of emerging from recession in the. july to september and that was put down very much to the olympic games as you can see the completely facts investors were told impressed by that the euro is still taking a nosedive it's heading south on the ruble finished mixed against the current says
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the most a mark is then see what happened because we did see lots of scarlet some rubies around a third of of the r.t.s. on the mice is just. lost almost one percent so as the president putin says that if representative. will increase rush's the company's transparency so sensitive on the board i should say and that isn't a business for now right now we're going to get i was washington gets more finance with caps in accounts they without saying. secret lover touring to mccurdy was able to build a most sophisticated robot which will unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach music creation why it should care
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about humans. this is why you should care only on the dot com. welcome to the. bridges are cowards this is the center of our universe the tides are forever the sun's rays can be fickle innovative construction methods last cost as well as environmental damage brand new turbines boost efficiency with a simplified design and batteries to store energy discover a new era of clean power driven by the moon technology i'm getting here on r.g.p. the future is coming.
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good afternoon welcome to capital account i'm lauren lyster here in washington d.c. the zero headlines for wednesday october twenty fourth two thousand and twelve the federal open market committee released a statement following its two day meeting announcing nothing new really it's maintaining its existing programs as q e three and operation twist keeping interest rates in a coal mine until at least mid two thousand and fifteen is the statement though that you will never see on a fed press release that the us is trying to inflate its way out of debt while perpetuating the us is fiscal imbalances that's a question we have will discuss plus the third party presidential debate was last night bringing up this policy and economic national security arguments missing from the mainstream here's one of. the biggest growth or national security issues the
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fact that we're going croaked. how about that karl denninger and mike norman are here to talk about what should or should not be done by the technocrats or elected leaders when it comes to helping the country out of economic doldrums and goldman sachs versus goldman sachs the op ed writing goldman defector greg smith is out with his new book he and lloyd blankfein have been hitting the airwaves today we'll talk about the highlights let's get to today's capital account. so last night were the u.s. presidential debates you did not see on network t.v. it was the third party presidential debate with candidates from the green justice
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constitution and libertarian parties and on the stage were issues that we have not heard about in the mainstream dools between romney and obama this includes money and politics cutting defense spending dramatically monetary collapse and the government's role in the student loan debt crisis so let's bring in our guests and use some of these economic and fiscal arguments to fuel ours here to talk about all of this is mike norman chief economist of john thomas financial and author and trader coral denninger are so gentlemen first thank you so much for being on the show today but you have me absolutely so let's just start i want to throw out a sound bite from gary johnson just to to play a little bit of what was discussed in terms of federal spending and monetary collapse let's take a listen. i promised a balanced budget to congress in the year two thousand and thirteen that is a one point four trillion dollar reduction.


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